For confidential advice call 0300 0303 300

Other sources of help

Action on Addiction – rehabilitation for alcohol and drug misuse, offering six week residential care plus aftercare programmes.
Website: Action on Addiction
Telephone: 0300 330 0659

Sick Doctors Trust (For those with dependency problems)
Website: Sick Doctors Trust
Telephone: 0370 444 5163

BMA Wellbeing Support Services
Counselling | Peer Support
Website: BMA Wellbeing Support Services
Telephone: 0330 123 1245

Doctors’ Support Network
Website: The Doctors’ Support Network

British Doctors and Dentists Group (for those with a dependency problem)
Website: British Doctors and Dentists Group
Telephone: 07792 819 966

NHS England Career Support for GPs
Website: NHS England

NHS  111
Website: NHS 111
Telephone: 111

Website: Samaritans
Telephone: 0845 790 90 90

The Cameron Fund
Telephone: 020 7388 0796

Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
Website: Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
Telephone: 0208 540 9194

The Doctors Support Group
Website: The Doctors Support Group

Website: DocHealth
Telephone: 0207 383 6533

Whilst the NHS GP Health Service (GPH) has carefully chosen these sources of information, we unfortunately cannot be responsible for the information provided in the websites listed. These alternative services have been carefully chosen as possible sources of support and we do hope that you find these useful.