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BBC Radio 4 Documentary on GPH seeking contributors

Can you help us make a radio programme about the specialist help the NHS GP Health Service is providing to family doctors?

File on 4 is BBC Radio 4’s award-winning documentary series.

The NHS GP Health Service and File on 4 want to work together to make an in-depth radio documentary about the help given to GPs struggling with stress, depression, or addiction problems.

Patients to go their doctor with their own problems. But GPs, for lots of reasons, struggle to access care when they need it most. Radio 4 wants to bring home the impact of the pressure GPs are under, whether it’s the heavy workload, problems recruiting, or practice closure.

We’d like to follow family doctors using the NHS GP Health Service. We hope to talk to them every few months to see how the treatment is helping them.

To take part, you would not have to give your name. You can be anonymous (we could voice your words) and we would take every care not to include any professional or personal detail which could identify you.

This will be a sensitive programme made over six months to a year.

The presenter is Jane Deith (see below). Jane has made several programmes about the NHS and about stress and depression (in professions like teaching).

If you’re interested in hearing more about the programme, please get in touch with Dr Clare Gerada via her GPH PA. This will be followed by a confidential conversation with Clare who will, if you are willing, put you in touch with the presenter (Jane Deith –  This will be in complete confidence and does not commit you in any way. (Your treatment does not have to be based in London. The programme team can travel anywhere in the country).                                                 

Yours truly,

Dr Clare Gerada

Medical Director

Practitioner Health Programme