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Treatment services are available in all 13 localities across England.

There will be a range of clinical support, accessible across England with GPs and GP trainees free to choose the most suitable area and clinician which meets their needs.

There is a choice of different premises across local services to enable ease of access, with the confidence of anonymity to minimise risk of meeting colleagues or patients.

Following assessment you will be given access to the Booking App which will allow you to select the right clinician or therapist for you. The app will provide you with the ability to contact your clinician or therapist and give you their address, directions and any other details you need before attending your appointment.

Local Clinical Leads

In each area of the country we have appointed a local Clinical Lead who will act as a point of contact for advice and discussions regarding local services.

Map of GP Health local services


Area Lead
Cumbria and North East Dr Richard Duggins
Lancashire and Greater Manchester Dr Leon Francis
Yorkshire and the Humber Dr Zoe Neill
Cheshire and Merseyside Dr Jenny Holmes
North Midlands Dr Chandra Kanneganti
Central Midlands Dr Vanessa Manley
West Midlands Dr Maurice Conlon
East Dr Lucy Henshall
South Central Dr Andrea Gibson
South West Dr Andrew Tresidder
Wessex Dr Nigel Cowley & Dr Andreas Lehmann
South East Dr Kate Little
London Dr Jane Marshall

Richard Duggins

Dr Richard Duggins

Dr Richard Duggins is a Consultant Medical Psychotherapist, and Clinical Lead of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Services in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. He is dual trained, holding a CCST in General Psychiatry and a CCT in Psychotherapy, and he is an accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist, interpersonal psychotherapist (IPT) and dynamic interpersonal psychotherapist (DIT). He has over ten years’ experience within specialised services for doctors, leading both House Concern and Practitioner Health North East. He contributed to the Health for Health Professionals competency trainings for the RCGP and RCPsych, and has assisted the GMC and NHS England in developments related to doctors’ health. He is an appraiser, mentor, accredited Balint Leader, and Schwartz Round Clinical Lead.

Leon Francis

Dr Leon Francis

Leon has been a Consultant Psychiatrist for the working adult population in Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust since 2009. He provides initial assessments and follow up appointments. Leon qualified from the University of Manchester School of Medicine in 2001. After completing his postgraduate training, he gained an MSc in Health and Social Care Management, and a Diploma in Occupational Medicine (University of Manchester). Leon has worked with psychodynamic cases and worked at Regional Addiction Services. He has extensive experience of assessment of mental health conditions and associated functioning within the workplace, and has worked with employers, solicitors and within the insurance industry.

Zoe Neil

Dr Zoe Neill

Dr Neill took her degrees in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Cambridge and then went on to complete GP training in King’s Lynn and York with placements at York Hospital and a general practice in the local area. She gained the Royal College of General Practice membership exams in 2003, and then joined a practice in inner-city Leeds until 2006 when she became a full-time partner at practice in East Leeds. Dr Neill remained a full-time partner here until 2014. After developing further interests in Occupational Health Medicine and then coaching, Dr Neill began a portfolio career in general practice, including working as a locum GP in practices across Yorkshire.

Her interests and roles now include mental health commissioning for Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group, coach for trainee doctors for Health Education Yorkshire and Humber, coach and mentor for a group of early career GPs in Leeds, Clinical Lead for Yorkshire and Humber for the new GP Mental Health Programme, Telephone Consultations skills trainer for Effective Professional Interactions, GP appraiser, delivery consultant for the Productive General Practice Programme for Shaping Health International (Francis Group), and Visiting Fellow at Leeds University Institute of Health Sciences.

Outside work, she spends as much time as possible with her husband and two young sons. Having survived depression and burnout as a GP partner, Dr Neill maintains a sustainable work-life balance by spending time outdoors whenever possible either walking or running, and has recently taken up yoga as part of her Mindfulness practice. She enjoys roller discos, jazz and classical music and playing the piano.


Dr Jenny Holmes
MBBS MRCPsych FFFLM RCGP Certificate in Substance Misuse (Parts 1 and 2)

Jenny graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1993. She works part time as a Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust and is a treating clinician as well as Lead for GPH in Cheshire and Merseyside. She has had a portfolio career across general medicine and forensic medicine, entering psychiatry training in 2010. She is a Medical Appraiser and has experience of working with doctors in difficulty.

Jenny completed the postgraduate academic stage of Solicitor’s training at the College of Law in 2003  (before returning to medicine).  She does not provide legal advice but can help doctors navigate legal systems if needed.

She also has experience of working in substance misuse services and of looking after doctors who find themselves in the criminal justice system. She is a trustee of the Doctors Support Network which provides peer support to doctors with mental health and substance misuse problems.


Chandra Kanneganti

Dr Chandra Kanneganti
FRCGP, DFFP, PGc(Med Ed), MSc (Medical leadership)

Chandra has been a GP since 2006. After GP training, Chandra has been working as Principal GP in Stoke-on-Trent. He was trained in Psychiatry in Crichton Royal Hospital, Dumfries as part of his GP training. He has special interest in supporting colleagues with mental health problems. He is trained in CBT. He will be part of providing initial assessments, follow up appointments, and referral for further support services at GPH.


Dr Maurice Conlon

Maurice has worked as a General Practitioner since 1993 at Ridgacre House Surgery in Birmingham. The practice was one of 4% rated ‘Outstanding’ by CQC in 2016.

The practice has a long-standing focus on mental health in general and a particular expertise in alcohol and substance misuse in particular with several partners involved both inside the surgery and for third sector organisations. Maurice completed the RCGP Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Misuse in 2015.

Maurice is a medical appraiser for NHS England for the West Midlands local team and Midlands and East region.

Maurice became interested in medical appraisal in 2001, publishing his seminal paper Appraisal: the catalyst of personal development in the BMJ in 2003. He helped establish the NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST) in 2008. His subsequent work as National Appraisal Lead and now as Clinical Advisor to NHS England has included developing the All England Appraisal Network and other pieces of work to improve quality and consistency in appraisal.


Vanessa Manley

Dr Vanessa Manley
MbChB FRCGP DFSRH DCH GPwSI Substance Misuse

Vanessa has worked as a General Practitioner since 1996 at Ridgacre House Surgery in Birmingham. The practice was one of 4% rated ‘Outstanding’ by CQC in 2016.

The practice has a long-standing focus on mental health in general and a particular expertise in alcohol and substance misuse in particular with several partners involved both inside the surgery and for third sector organisations. Vanessa completed the RCGP Part 2 Certificate in Substance Misuse in 2012, is a GPwSI in substance misuse and was an approved doctor under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act for many years.

Vanessa is a medical appraiser for NHS England, a GP Trainer and a GP Peer Support Tutor for Birmingham Cross City CCG. This role involves meeting with GPs and practices which are, for whatever reason, struggling and looking at solutions and support for the teams.

Lucy Henshall

Dr Lucy Henshall

Lucy is newly appointed to GPH but is an experienced GP with a lifelong long interest and much expertise in managing common mental health problems. Qualifying from Sheffield in 1987,  the clinical exposure in her 4 month HO post in Acute Adult Psychiatry in Sheffield, followed by a further 6 months in Lincolnshire, proved invaluable to her career as a GP. After completing the Boston GP Vocational Training Scheme she moved to Suffolk where she has worked as a GP since 1993, including twenty years as a Partner, latterly as Senior Partner. She retired from her Practice in August 2015, though remains on the Performers List as a freelance GP.

Through her committed efforts over many years liaising with clinical colleagues in Secondary Mental Health Services and the local commissioning bodies; she has earned a reputation for her dedication to providing excellent patient care, and equally for her enthusiasm in helping improve local services, to benefit all patients.

Since 2001 Lucy has been a very active LMC member and is currently Joint Vice Chair of Suffolk LMC. Ensuring referral pathways between sectors remain grounded in realism, and that individual patients can move smoothly between agencies as required, has been the hallmark of her Liaison work over many years.

Dr Andrea J Gibson

Andrea graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1995. She completed vocational training on the Yorkshire-Lancashire border and has been a GP since 2000. She is currently a sessional GP in Gloucestershire with portfolio roles including a role as a GP Appraiser and an interest in GP education. Andrea’s career has been unconventional and at various times she has been a GP Locum, a Salaried GP and a GP Partner and understands from experience the challenges of each. Over the past 5 years, she has been developing specialist knowledge and skills in the health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals and believes in providing a supportive, compassionate and confidential healthcare service for Doctors.

Andrew Tressider

Dr Andrew Tresidder
MBBS Cert Med Ed

A Somerset GP and MRCGP since 1989, Andrew has been passionate about the Health of Health Practitioners since his time on Somerset LMC. A founder member of the Somerset Clinician Support Service, he is also an Appraiser, a Section 12 Approved Doctor, and works part-time for Somerset CCG on Patient Safety. Andrew qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1983, and trained as a GP mainly in the South West. Past work includes Prison Medicine and Police work for Avon and Somerset Police, and as GP Academy Lead at Yeovil for Bristol Medical School. He teaches Health Professionals on Health and Self-Care.

Dr Nigel Cowley

MB ChB MRCGP DRCOG DCH Dip Ad Med Education PGCE NLP practitioner

Nigel has been a GP at Denmark Road Medical Centre, Bournemouth for the last 25 years. He qualified from Birmingham University in 1983 and trained in the midlands, Australia and Gloucestershire before entering into practice in Salisbury.

He is also a GP trainer, appraiser and mentor. He has an interest in training GPs to manage mental health problems. He uses his NLP practitioner skills to help both treat patients and train colleagues.

Andreas Gerhard Lehmann

Dr Andreas Gerhard Lehmann

Andreas is a GP on the Isle of Wight with a special interest in Addiction Medicine, Chronic Pain Management and Psychiatry.

After qualifying at the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany, in 1991 he moved to the UK in 1994. Initially working and training in A/E and Anaesthetics in London and the Northeast, Andreas joined a GP Training scheme in Stockport and qualified as a GP in 2002.

In 2003 he returned to the Isle of Wight and became a GP Partner in 2005; in 2009 Andreas qualified in Substance Misuse Management and joined the local Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service as a GPwSI and Lead GP for the Island.

Andreas has an interest in Complementary Medicine and is a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society. He has experience in Section 12 assessments and has worked with marginalised patient groups within the local prison population and violent patient clinics.

Andreas lives with his partner, who is also a GP, and two teenage sons on the lovely south coast of the Island.

Kate Little

Dr Kate Little

Kate is a Clinical Lead for the new NHS GP Health service. She covers southeast England, which includes Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

She graduated from Edinburgh University in 1995 and initially started training in hospital medicine. She soon realised that her passions and skill set were more aligned with general practice so made the switch in 2000, completing her GP training in Poole in 2002.

She joined a partnership in Brixton in 2005 where she worked for over 8 years as a GP trainer and clinical lead in women’s health and cardiovascular disease.

Since relocating in 2014, Kate has worked in a variety of GP roles: partner, salaried, OOH and freelance, and as a GP appraiser. She recently set up Physician Burnout UK, a resource for doctors that are feeling fed-up, stressed, anxious, depressed or burnt-out.

Her passion is supporting physical & emotional health in doctors and the wider community. She is currently involved in a number of projects around these areas, one of which includes working for Public Health England as a Clinical Champion for physical activity.

Jane Marshall

Dr Jane Marshall

Dr Jane Marshall is a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Addictions at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). She trained at Trinity College Dublin, and did a medical rotation in Dublin before training in psychiatry at St Patrick’s Hospital in Dublin, and at Barts and the Maudsley in London. She has long experience of working with healthcare professionals with mental health and addiction problems and has also been a GMC Medical Supervisor and Examiner for many years. She has been the Royal College of Psychiatrists Health for Health Professionals lead and is a founding member of the College’s Psychiatrists’ Support Service.